Create and Play 3 Dinosaur Assemble Toys


PRIME STEM TOY ON BEST DEALS EVERY DAY – DISCOVER INVENTIVE AND CREATIVE LEARNING. Take apart toys with tools enhance imagination, and motor skills, while fostering an interest in engineering. Most toys you buy in the market are already pre-made, unlike take apart toys that teach children how to explore, rebuild, and repair the parts inside a toy.
STRONG, DURABLE PARTS LET YOUR CHILD REBUILD AGAIN AND AGAIN. This assemble toy allows children to build motor and cognitive skills while creating their own dinosaurs. They’ll have the opportunity to learn how things work, and experiment with many different ways to construct Alamosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. With strong, durable parts, they’ll be able to create and express themselves by taking apart and building.
INCLUDES COMPLETE TOOL SET FOR BUILD-AND-PLAY. This dinosaur playset comes with screwdrivers perfect for small hands, so your young engineers can get right to work, constructing the pieces together. Your toddlers, preschoolers, boys or girls will gain the skills and knowledge needed to make their own personalised invention.